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Kas yra prizmė?

Kas yra prizmė?  smile

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Rosanna (prieš 392 savaites) Cituoti Cituoti
hi dear
my name is Rosanna jauna mergina su sąžiningai ir nuoširdžiai, aš pamačiau savo profilį čia ir nusprendžiau parašyti jums atgal draugystei.
Atvirai kalbant, aš jaučiu, kad bus geriau mums pažinti vieni kitus nuo čia, tuo tarpu neturi atsakyti man (rosannaandrew@yahoo.co.uk]
daugiau detials Apie mane taip pat atsiųsti jums mano nuotraukas.
laukia Jūsų atsakymo.

Hi dear
my name is Rosanna a young lady with honest and sincerity, i saw your profile here and decided to write you back for friendship.
frankly, i feel it will be better for us to know each other from here, meanwhile do reply me at (rosannaandrew@yahoo.co.uk]
for more detials about me as well as to send you my pictures.
waiting for your reply.
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Ghulam (prieš 247 savaites) Cituoti Cituoti
Cannot remember all or even a few of the times my mouth has been the soucre of trouble for me..think it started young as my dad used to tell me the only time I opened my mouth was to change feet.
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Dede (prieš 236 savaites) Cituoti Cituoti
That's not even 10 mitunes well spent!
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Cooler (prieš 236 savaites) Cituoti Cituoti
Mr. Weil,We appreciate your fcabdeek! The best way to make enhancements and improve the AESDirect filing system is from the comments we receive from you, the end user.In response to your question regarding what to do if you don’t know what to provide in a mandatory field, such as departure date, in the Shipment Information section, there is no avoiding the completion of that information. Without this information the ITN will not be generated. The carrier must provide you shipping details prior to the estimated shipment departure. Several express carriers have a tool on their website that help USPPI’s determine the Port of Export and Unlading based on the pick-up zone and Country of Ultimate Destination. We encourage this sort of communication between you and your carrier.If any of the information changes after you have filed the shipment, you can always make corrections to the information entered. In fact, the Foreign Trade Regulations state in 30.9(a): “The USPPI or the authorized filing agent is responsible for electronically transmitting accurate EEI as known at the time of filing in the AES and transmitting any changes to that information as soon as they are known.” If an authorized agent is filing on your behalf, as the USPPI, you are entitled to receive the information submitted to AES and a valid ITN number.HTS codes and Schedule B numbers are updated twice a year in AESDirect to reflect commodity code classification changes. One thing you might want to double check is the departure date reported. If for example, you mistakenly used reported year 2009 instead of 2010 on a shipment exported Jan 2, 2010, an error message “Schedule B Code Outdated” can be generated. If you are certain that a code used is accurate, but not accepted in AESDirect, you may need to contact one of our representatives for further assistance.Hope this helps-
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